Gaga with Keren Rosenberg

maximas-exponentes-estilo_MILIMA20150510_0009_8Keren Rosenberg (IL/NL) studied in The Jerusalem  Dance  Academy  and  in  The Academy of  the  Kibbutz  Dance  Company from  which she  continued  to  dance  for several high-­‐profile Israeli companies, among which are  Idan Sharabi  &  Dancers,  Fresco Dance Company, Ido Tadmor Dance Company and Tami Dance Company. She  is  the  recipient  of  Keren  Sharet  award  for young  and  promising  dancers.

In  2011  she  was  invited  by  Ohad  Naharin  to study the Gaga movement language and become a certified  teacher. She has been invited to teach Gaga and  her creative workshops in Skanes, Oldenburg, Codarts, Henny Jurriens Stichting, Dansateliers, CDSH Hamburg, CCNG, Grenoble, Dance Base Edinburgh, Random Collision, Dance house Ireland  to  name  a  few.

Her  Gaga class aims to improve movement articulation and to develop a natural, spontaneous sense of movement. It is based on a floor-work warm up in which the body is trained to move from an awareness of weight, and with a soft quality. “Lifting up” these concepts from the floor, she composes a phrase that will be developed in the course of her classes, and then combines this with both elements that have been introduced, and with new information.