Site Specific Performance 2016

Following the success of 2015, Attivisti della Danza will organise and lead again an extra performance for the participants of OpenFLR. This improvisation performance will take place in the streets of Florence, and it will happen on the 9th of July 2016.


19:30 Torrino Santa Rosa
20:30 Piazza Ognissanti
21:30 Piazza del Cestello
22:30 Piazza Del Carmine

FROG – Site Specific Performance is sustained by Quartiere Uno Firenze, promoted by Il Vivaio del Malcantone, in collaboration with Openflr and Attivisti della danza.

NOTE: the process and the performance will be open also to other participants than those to OpenFLR 2016. If you would like to participate, please contact us.

NOTA: il processo creativo e la performance saranno aperti anche ad altri partecipanti che quelli di OpenFLR 2016. Se ti interessasse partecipare ti preghiamo di contattarci.






Space does not exist.
Space is only if in relation with the subject.
Space in connection with the subject becomes environment.
Environment is the surroundings. What surrounds a subject. The space surrounding the people existing there.

This project is an attempt to change the environment acting creatively on the relationship of the subjects involved with space, understood as physical and social place.

To live means to cancel the duality between us and the environment, our attitude and our actions affect what is around us, the environment as a cultural entity is thus coinciding with the result of the relations between the different cultures of the subjects who inhabit it.

FROG is a site-specific project. The project highlights the difference of physical and audible relationships between high density and sparsely populated areas.

The performance is divided into several panels, each panel has an approximate duration of 5/10 minutes and will take place in a parcour exploring different urban places within a circumscribed area of Florence.


ABOUT the Choreographers:

silvia_bennett_openflr2016Graduated in Pedagogy in ltaly, Silvia Bennett developed her study in contemporary dance. ln 2008 she moved to Amsterdam where she started working with different local artists. ln this period she developed her choreographic research combining visual art, live music and dance. Between 2011 and 2013 she directed MonoCollective with whom she created the trilogy called Falling. Since 2012 Silvia developed her work for children, and her improvisation and instant composition research. Through her initiatives and works she became an important figure in the dance and music improvisation scene and she has been invited in many different interantional festivals. At the moment she’s also working in collaboration with different italian companies as Company Blu, IFPrana and Aldes as a dancer and choreographer.





mose_risaliti_openflr2016During his heterogeneous education Mosè Risaliti has studied contact improvisation, yoga, floorwork in Italy and abroad, with Alessandro Certini and Charlotte Zerbey, Julyen Hamilton, Katie Duck, David Zambrano, Francesca Della Monica.
He has collaborated with the Living Theatre Europe, Kinkaleri, Fosca, VoetVolk, A2Company, Parolin.
In 2011 with Eva Sgrò and the street artist Moallaseconda he founded Collettivo Kirillov.
They produced the pieces Cammelli Polari, Chi cade di testa si alza in piedi!, OZIO.
He has also collaborated with the goup Attivisti della Danza, in Florence, since its foundation.
For Anghiari Dance Hub he presented the project 2BEE.