Cristina Planas Leitão & Jasmina Križaj: The Primal Piece. Residency @ Malcantone

During OpenFLR 2016, our resident Flying Low teacher Cristina Planas Leitão will undergo a residency at the Vivaio del Malcantone, our co-organising institution.

On 16th July 2016 Cristina will share the work emerged from her residency.


About the Residency….

The Primal Piece

Cristina Planas Leitão & Jasmina Križaj

“The primary nature of reality is unified.”

In this first residency of this piece we will try to start by answering some of the basic questions that are triggering our curiosity, such as:

How do we make patterns?

How are patterns efficient and limiting in the same time?

Why do patterns attract masses? Why do masses fall into patterns?

How can two people become a mass? What defines a mass?

What can be considered a modern ritual?

What makes something work? What makes a work, work? How do we work?

We will be working with very simple concepts as a way of entering our research, which are repetition, patterns, rhythm, primitive movements with two bodies moving in the upbeat of unison patterns.


About Cristina and Jasmina…

Cristina and Jasmina both graduated in 2006 from Dutch academies for arts (Dance Performance from Artez – Arnhem Dansacademie & De Theaterschool – School for New Dance Development, Amsterdam). In 2010 they were both invited to be part of the project “50 days in Costa Rica” with David Zambrano, where they acquired the necessary qualifications to teach, use and renew the techniques of “Flying Low” and “Passing Through”.

They never met in Holland during their study, but they shared many ideas in the common bathroom in Costa Rica. Out of this intimate exchanges was born »The Very Delicious Piece« which toured Europe in 30 performances and after that their second production »The Very Boring Piece«. At the moment both performances are in the process of touring. The nostalgia for the common future keeps them together.