Site Specific Performance 2017

Following the success of 2015 and of 2016, OpenFLR will organise an extra performance for the participants of OpenFLR. This improvisation performance will take place in Florence’s public space, and it will be lead by local artists Carolina Amoretti and Cristina D’Alberto, members of FIKA.

NOTE: the process and the performance will be open also to other participants than those to OpenFLR 2017. If you would like to participate, please contact us.

NOTA: il processo creativo e la performance saranno aperti anche ad altri partecipanti che quelli di OpenFLR 2017. Se ti interessasse partecipare ti preghiamo di contattarci.




Carolina Amoretti started her studies in contemporary dance and ballet at Ecole Superieure de Dance de Cannes Rosella Hightower and continued at Rudra Bèjart Lausanne.
She worked with Fabrizio Monteverde Nuova Danza Group and, until 2006, with Kalinka Danza directed by Leone Barilli. Since 2007 she dances for the TPO Company, touring in international festival and theatres. As freelance artist, Carolina performed with different realities: in theatre productions with La Fura Del Baus in “Das Rheingold” and “Die Walkure”, and with Compagnia Krypton in “AO L’arte nell’opera”; in urban dance performances with A.R.S.A. in “Freaks/lo spettacolo mostro” and with Cantiere Ikrea; and improvisation performances with Company Blu and I.P.L. International Performers Lab. In 2015, she took part on a creation of Emanuel Gat at the Biennale College of Virgilio Sieni. In 2016 Carolina joined the company Gruppo Nanou. As a choreographer, in 2010 Carolina composed two pieces “Piazze d’Italia” and “Dei nostri eroi più fragili” in collaboration with a group of dancers, musicians and video artists. Both pieces were performed in different locations, such as the Exister Milan festival of performing arts, Central Fies Dro, the ADAC Network Dance Tuscany, and Vernissage Fragile in Frankfurt. Later, Carolina also choreographed her solo “Blindness”, and in 2014 she created “Spettacolo di Danza e Suono” in collaboration with the musician Umberto Foddis, then hosted by Festival della Mente (Sarzana). Since 2013 she works with BARRAGE@entertainment project. She is one of the co-founder of the collective FIKA contemporanea danza.


Cristina D’Alberto‘s trajectory as a dancer starts with ballet in her hometown (Torino) and consolidates after graduating at the Montecarlo dance academy Princess Grace in 2005. Two years later, Cristina moves to Florence, where she starts her professional training in contemporary dance at the Opus Ballet. Between 2009 and 2011, she dances for the Opus Ballet Company and works with international choreographers such as German Jauregui, Peter Mika, and Loris Petrillo. In the meanwhile, she also collaborates in two productions with the theatre company Centrale Produzioni. Since 2010, and for the next five years, she tours in the USA, China, Mexico, Bahrein, France and Spain for the TPO company. The Florence cultural program Notti fiorentine hosts her first two choreographic works: E=mc2 (2011) and Storie con-divise (2012). In 2013 she participates to the Italian-Tunisian theatre project “Nostoi” directed by Michael Marmarinos and funded by the European Commission. In the same year, she joins Gabriellasecchi Company for the production “RI-conoscere” performed during the festival “Ballo pubblico” (Siena). In 2014 Cristina dances at Biennale College Danza (Venice) in “À demain” by Anton Lacky. In 2016 she is directed by Johannes Härtl in two productions “Super Heroes” and “Blood lines”, premiered in Munich. In the same year, she performs in two experimental improvisation productions that brought together photographers, dancers, musicians, and writers: “I am a real life”, and “For, To, Step, Next”. She is the co-founder of the project Darkrocksflying with choreographer Ryan Mason, with which she produces, creates and performs the piece “Through the windshield” at Black-Box Gasteig and later at Schwere Reiter during the Hier=Jetzt! festival. In 2017 she joints the Bayerische Staatoper for the production “Tannhäuser” under the direction of Romeo Castellucci and with the choreographer Cindy Van Acker. In 2015 she is among the of co-founders of the collective FIKA contemporanea danza. Today, Cristina is a faculty teacher for contemporary dance at the Iwanson international dance school in Munich.

FIKA contemporanea danza was founded in 2015 as the latest step of a shared process of artistic research among the four co-founders: Carolina, Cristina, Martina and Sara. Fika is a Swedish word meaning “hang out to have a coffee”. It is a social institution than symbolizes taking a break from the frantic rhythm of everyday life. It is a time that you are looking forward to attend, an unplanned gathering, where you do not know what may happen. Joining Fika means to take a challenge and seize that unoccupied time. Loyal to this tradition, FIKA became both a container of unpredicted ideas, and a place of cooperation and support to performative enquires. From the outset, FIKA has established a solid collaboration with the experimental musician Simone Tecla, as well as with light and music designer Umberto Foddis.

As leading members of Attivisti della danza, the four co-founders have a longstanding experience in promoting the role of contemporary dance and art in Florence, through sharing training and initiatives aimed to the wide public. Indeed, FIKA and Attivisti della danza teamed up during 2015 Mercantia Festival (Certaldo) for the participative performance “Wanna Dance Land”. At the turn of 2015 and 2016, during the earliest phases of creation of the performance “CALAMALEONTE_primo attacco”, FIKA has been supported by OMA & B/White Box (Florence) and Le Murate PAC. In March 2016 the company got a residency at I Macelli No Theater of Certaldo, where the piece was also represented. In the same year, FIKA performed at the FAKI Festival in Zagreb, and at Festival Parallelamente in Sarzana.