Workshop di Countertechnique e Inprovvisazione condotto da M. Eugenia Demeglio. L’ incontro si svolgera’ all’Associazione Demidoff, da Venerdi’ 24 Marzo sera a Domenica 26 Marzo 2017. Venerdi’ 24 Marzo: 18:00-20:00 Countertechnique (tecnica contemporanea) Sabato 25 Marzo: 15:00-19:00 Improvvisazione Domenica 26 Marzo: 10:00-12:00 Countertechnique (tecnica contemporanea) 13:00-17:00 Improvvisazione e Instant Composition […]

Workshop OpenFLR Youth 24/26 Marzo

Edan’s work always explores psychological and emotional realms. His work demands from his dancers high levels of physical awareness and performance presence. Improvisational tools take a large part in the research and creation process and in live action on stage as well. The source of physicality comes from enhancing the […]

Edan Gorlicki