One week has passed by since the end of OpenFLR 2017. It has been an amazing and intense edition. The Openflr team would like to thank everybody involved: our choreographers Dorotea Saykaly, Shumpei Nemoto, Jasmine Ellis, Christopher Evans, their assistants Ale Marzotto, Miguel Angel Guzmán, Rachele Rapisardi, our Countertechinque teacher Jenia Kasatkina, our partners in crime Il Vivaio del Malcantone, Le […]


Workshop di Countertechnique e Inprovvisazione condotto da M. Eugenia Demeglio. L’ incontro si svolgera’ all’Associazione Demidoff, da Venerdi’ 24 Marzo sera a Domenica 26 Marzo 2017. Venerdi’ 24 Marzo: 18:00-20:00 Countertechnique (tecnica contemporanea) Sabato 25 Marzo: 15:00-19:00 Improvvisazione Domenica 26 Marzo: 10:00-12:00 Countertechnique (tecnica contemporanea) 13:00-17:00 Improvvisazione e Instant Composition […]

Workshop OpenFLR Youth 24/26 Marzo

Jenia Kasatkina studied modern and contemporary dance at the Rotterdam Dance Academy, Codarts. During her education and after her graduation in 2009 she has worked with several companies and choreographers such as: Anouk van Dijk, Jack Gallagher, Arno Schuitemaker, Leine&Roebana, Norrdans, De Stilte, United-C, among  others. In 2012 Jenia became […]

Countertechnique with Jenia Kasatkina

Starting on July 2nd, the International Summer Intensive’s programme is full of appointments for local dancers and audience. One of them is the daily open classes. This year OpenFLR offers Countertechnique with Elita Cannata and M. Eugenia Demeglio and Flying Low with Cristina Planas Leitão. The classes are open to […]

OpenFLR Morning Classes

Originally from Italy, M. Euge­nia Demeglio is currently based in the United Kingdom. She has studied Countertechnique since 2007 and had an internship as Anouk van Dijk’s assistant in 2008. She was selected to attend the Countertechnique Teacher Training program in 2014 and has been teaching Countertechnique since then. After grad­u­at­ing […]

Countertechnique with M. Eugenia Demeglio

Born in Italy, Elita Cannata is currently based between Amsterdam and Florence. She studied at Rotterdam Dance Academy / Codarts in the Netherlands, where she graduated as a professional dancer in 2007. During and after her graduation, among others she danced for José Navas, Megumi Nakamura, Laura Bernasconi, anoukvandijk dc, […]

Countertechnique with Elita Cannata

M. Eugenia Demeglio is an Italian maker and educator, currently living and working in the UK. She has obtained her BA in Choreography from Codarts, Hogeschool voor de Kunsten (NL) in 2008 and her MA in Curatorial Practice from Falmouth University (UK) in 2011. Her research is concerned with questioning […]

M. Eugenia Demeglio